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LELY is the perfect place to have a group lunch or dinner, and a great meeting point for drinks with your colleagues. Because public transportation stops at our front door, LELY is accessible to everyone. If you would rather travel by car, there is parking space in the neighbourhood around LELY and a Q-park in the nearby Comeniusstraat. We offer a variety of packages you can choose from, but we are always open to discuss custom options for your event. Our living room can be set up and rearranged to suit the occasion.


Whether you want to go for a quick bite outside the office, or have an elaborate lunch with your friends or family, our lunch packages suit every occasion.


At LELY, we have drinks for every occasion. Our wide selection of beers, assorted cocktails and organic lemonade ensure that there is something to like for everyone. Whether you meet up with your long-lost best friend, have drinks with your colleagues at the vrijmibo, want to organize an enjoyable reception, or end your meeting on a festive note—we’ve got you covered.


You can host your corporate group dinner, both private or corporate, at LELY. For groups starting from nine people, we offer a special two- or three-course menu. Did you have something else in mind? Let’s discuss it together!


We offer several kinds of buffets for groups starting from 25 people. Both a quick bite and an elaborate, luxurious buffet belong to our possibilities, and we’re more than happy to light up our barbecue for you. If you have specific desires, feel free to discuss them with us.


Give your meeting or presentation just that little bit extra by keeping it in our characteristic open space with its high ceilings and natural light. It is optional to rent our beamer and/or microphone. We’ll take care of the coffee and tea!